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Northern Metropolitan Music Festival

Performance Date

The Northern Metro Music Festival (NMMF) is held at Hewitson Theatre at StarPLEX, Evanston Park, in October.

​The NMMF began as the Salisbury Elizabeth Festival and performances were held at the Octagon Theatre in Elizabeth. In 2003, the Octagon Theatre was closed, so the festival moved to its current location.
Each year we have 2 concerts with 16 schools ranging from the northern suburbs to the Barossa Valley participating. The concerts are accompanied by the North Orchestra and Performance Troupe, with students from local schools as guest artists showcasing the talents of students in the north.

Some of the feedback from students last year:

“Choir was more fun than the X-Box 360.”
“I loved the experience at choir. Performing in front of an audience was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me.”
​“I felt sick with nerves but didn’t puke! I loved it.”

And from parents

“We were in tears at times. The soloists were amazing. How proud all the parents must be!”
“Even if we go to Adelaide next year can we please also do Northern? It’s a beautiful, more intimate environment.”

Contact Details

Regional Coordinators
Margaret Streatfield - 0401 121 359
Carol Lee - 0413 339 115