The Festival of Music is turning 130 this year and we’re on the search for Alumni.

If you have ever been a performer as part of the Festival of Music, we’d love to have you involved. Performers may have been in choir, orchestra, troupe or compere/hosts. If you performed on the stage, we’d love to hear from you.

Sisi Ni Moja – Virtual Choir

One of our choral pieces for 2021 is Sisi Ni Moja.

‘Sisi Ni Moja’ means ‘We are One’ in Swahili and follows the theme that ALL human beings have much in common!! Composer Jacob Narverud wanted to create an uplifting, hopeful song in a modern, popular-style. Since the piece was intended to represent all people and all cultures, he chose a text that would reflect just that. The lyrics have a strong uniting message and the piano accompaniment is energetic with plenty of rhythm.

Our plan is to create a Virtual Choir featuring Alumni from the past. All you need to do is learn the song and record yourself singing it and upload it – we’ll do the rest.

At the concert we will have the virtual choir singing on the screens while our 1,500 students sing along live. It’s going to be spectacular.

To get involved please register at this link:

After you have registered we will start sending you information, including passwords to sound files, and instructions on how to film and upload.

Do you know somebody that did the Festival of Music? Share this opportunity with them!

Counting Stars – Where Are They Now?

Our Orchestra will be playing Counting Stars by OneRepublic.

During this song we’d love to have images of past Alumni and see ‘Where are they now?’

Did you every participate in the Festival of Music? Are you still involved in the Arts?
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