Information for Auditions


Soloists are auditioned students from all over South Australia to perform a solo for one song during the Festival of Music concert series.

Solo Auditions Nominations - Now Open

Teachers can click here to complete the Solo Audition Booking Form. This form has a password and should only be accessed by Choir Teachers.

Auditions are held during the school day in Term 2, Week 6.

Please remember that the number of solo allocations is directly linked to your choir allocation:

Quarter Row (8 students) can nominate up to ONE solo

Half Row (16 students) can nominate up to TWO solos

Full Row (32 students) can nominate up to FOUR solos

Above One Row (48+ students) can nominate up to SIX solos

Students from schools in a Regional Row can audition as per the information above.

If you have an exceptional​ student in excess of your allocation, please email the completed assessment form with an audio file.

Solo Pre-Audition Workshop (PAW) - Now Open

Students who are thinking of auditioning to be a soloist are encouraged to attend the Solo Pre-Audition Workshop. This is not a pre-requisite of auditioning, however, it will give students information about how to present themselves at their audition and what the panel will be looking for in a potential soloist.

Choir Teachers or families can book students in to the pre-audition workshop from late March using the Solo PAW Form.