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The Space Between Us - A River in the Sky World

Commissioned Work 2022

The Space Between Us, the revised commissioned work composed by Dan Walker.

Are you curious about space? Do you wonder what is out there? How much more can we discover? How do we fit in? What possibilities lie ahead for humans? Let’s dive deeper into the concept of space – it is much more than just the ‘moon, stars and planets’!!!

In Dan’s words – “The overall theme is not just the space that exists above our heads, but the space all around us: between us and the Moon, our nearest celestial neighbour; between us and the next galaxy; and closer to home, between us and our fellow human beings. What events have taken place to set each of us on our individual journeys? I wanted these songs to be thought-provoking to enable us to start a conversation about that sense of place we all look for, and how we manage, nurture and grow, in THE SPACE BETWEEN US.”

  • When Galaxies Collide
  • Stargazers
  • Echoes of Home
  • A River in the Sky World

Click here to see an interview with Dan Walker talking about 'The Space Between Us'

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