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Starting Choir in 2022

Student Activities - Why not check out Festival Choir 2022 while you are at home

Go to the Choral Repertoire tab on our website to hear 6 of our songs in their original format.

You can listen and start to learn how they go before you go back to school 😊

Here are a few activities you might like to do while you are remote learning……

City of Music

City of Music – this is a BRAND-NEW SONG that begins with the sound of the St Peter’s Cathedral Bells in Adelaide – have you heard them before? Peter’s Cathedral Bells

and Peter’s Cathedral Bells

Lost the Plot

Lost the Plot is an Australian song – here are the words that you will sing

They appeared in this text written by Michael Leunig and Paul Stanhope used them in his song

Lost the Plot

The Space Between Us

Do you love ‘SPACE’ and learning about the planets and the sun and the moon?

Have you been to the Space Discovery Centre on North Terrace?

Have a look at this website -

One of our songs is called When Galaxies Collide What is a galaxy?

Another song is Stargazers

Check out the Astronomy picture of the day

Humans in Space – BTN has some great clips to view -

Wau Bulan

Wau Bulan – This song comes from Malaysia.

Why not try making your own little Wau Bulan – origami style.

Wau Bulan outline from an old OZ Asia to colour in or copy.

Here’s the link,

Singing is great for our health and well-being – Have a go!!!

Here is a fun warm-up to get your body loose and ready to sing! fun singing warm-ups with Cheryl Porter

and here’s a cardio blast Bollywood warm up:

Everyone in the house might like to try it!