Information for Teachers

Parade of Choirs

Parade of Choirs - School Submitted Multimedia


It is your choice whether you submit a video or photo. Please follow the instructions below for your video or your photo.

Framing & Composition of Video/Photo Content

Please use the following as a guide to create your content for the Parade of Choirs:

  • Please film in landscape on your device
  • Please keep action to within the safe area (non shaded) as shown in the image above – the green shaded area may be cropped in production playback
  • Students should wear their school uniform/ dress code
  • We will not be using the audio from the video
  • Please gather students as you would for a group photo and film students waving at the camera

File Format

  • Please film as a HD - H.264 video file (this is the standard format in most HD Cameras and Phones)
  • Please make the length of the Video 25 to 30 seconds long
  • Please name the File using the following format:

PSMF2021_POC_(school name)_(DATE FILMED with no spaces)


PSMF2021_POC_(school name)


DUE DATE: Friday 11 June