Information for Teachers

Photos and Videos

I'm a Train - Student Multimedia

Help us fill our train with your student’s faces by making a 30 second video grab.

Follow the attached instructions very carefully.

Watch the instructional clip – this will help you too. (Coming Soon)

What we are looking for:

  • students in casual clothes – no white, no light colours, no logos and no strappy tops
  • students acting out a scene – reading a book, looking at their device, having a chat
  • maximum of 4 students in the shot

Teachers it is your responsibility to submit the video and to ensure all students have a signed consent to use likeness form (attached).

I'm a Train - Student Multimedia

Framing & Composition of Video Content

Please use the following as a guide to create your video clips:

  • Please film in landscape on your device
  • Please keep action to within the 4:3 safe area as shown in the image above
  • Please use a flat uniform colour as the background of the video (white or light grey only)
  • Students can wear their own casual, neat clothes (no strappy tops and no logos)
  • Students CANNOT wear white, we prefer no light colours at all
  • Look at the example below.

File Format

  • Please film as a HD - H.264 video file (this is the standard format in most HD Cameras and Phones)
  • Please keep the length of the Video to 30 seconds per clip
  • Please name the File using the following format:

PSMF_TW_(school name)_(clip number)

  • Please use the following subject name when uploading:

PSMF_TW_(school name)

Choir Photos for "Not Perfect"

"This is my choir..."

Take a photo of your choir for us to possibly include in Verse 3 of ‘Not Perfect’.

The photo should include all your students singing in 2020 and be sure they all have a signed use likeness consent form before you upload your photo.

Orientation: landscape

Size: 2MB-6MB

DO NOT crop your photo.

Let’s see your choir’s great singing faces!

Please name the photo using the following format:

Upload the photo to the following online media portal:

In the subject line:

If your photo is perfect – it will be used in ‘Not Perfect’ or in the Finale!

Due date is Friday 12 June, Week 7


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