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The Primary Schools Music Festival is a South Australian State Heritage icon. This choral program has been an integral part of life for generations of public schools students throughout South Australia. It is an intergenerational experience, with past choir members in the audience proudly watching their children and grandchildren take to the stage.

The Primary Schools Music Festival remains at the forefront of Arts education. Over 10,000 students across the state take part in the choral program each year. The songs, as well as related curriculum resources, are easily accessible to teachers, students and their families.

Our yearly concerts are always held in the best venues in South Australia with young public primary students performing together as they become part of the enduring legacy of excellence in music.

Your donation will be used to keep our choral program accessible to all South Australian public primary school students to continue this iconic intergenerational experience.


The Primary Schools Music Festival’s mission is to engage public primary school students throughout South Australia in artistic excellence, cultural diversity and social inclusion through Music and the Arts.

Donations play a crucial role in providing students with opportunities to participate and engage in our choral program. Your support will make an impact on their access to resources, programs and experiences that might otherwise be unavailable to them.

Donations will be used to further develop the Festival of Music app (the major learning tool used by students and teaching tool for choir teachers), printing of the Songbook, further developing the skills of our choir teachers and theatre costs. Funding these will keep costs at a minimum for students and their families.

Your donation will be used to keep our choral program accessible to all South Australian public primary school students to continue this iconic intergenerational experience.

Our vision is to strengthen state-wide participation in the Primary Schools Music Festival by capturing a greater number of students; engaging more students; increasing the number of teachers involved and further develop their skill level.

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The Primary Schools Music Festival remains at the forefront of Arts education in South Australian public primary schools.  Over 10,000 students perform the songs, throughout regional festivals as well as in Adelaide.  Students are at the centre of this program, confidently supported by dedicated, passionate and creative teachers and volunteers who provide opportunities for all students to excel. 

The Primary Schools Music Festival has a long tradition of supporting local and Australian composers by commissioning new choral repertoire based on a particular curriculum area or theme for students to sing. Our repertoire exposes students to a wide variety of genres.

The positive benefits of maintaining a culture of choir and singing in schools unequivocally fosters the magic of social connection and teamwork, improves literacy skills, strengthens body posture, develops lung function, and helps blood pressure…. We have a tool that will connect each of us with our shared humanity.


The Board
President – Terena Pope - Clovelly Park Primary
Vice President – Vacant
Treasurer – Kirsty Henning
Manager, PSMF – Irene Solowij
Director of Music, PSMF – Robyn Filmer
Choir Teacher/HPI Representative – Kendall Hurst
Life Member Representative - Stephen Measday

Board Members
Principal Representative - Di Scott - Tea Tree Gully Primary
Principal Representative - Mel Evans - Norwood Primary
Principal Representative - Bec Knight - Enfield Primary
Principal Representative - Leah Kennewell - Aldgate Primary (formerly)
Principal Representative - Wendy Moore - Golden Grove Primary (formerly)

SAPPS Music Society Ltd  Whistleblower Policy

The Company is committed to a high standard of conduct and ethical behaviour and to promoting and supporting a culture of honest and ethical behaviour, corporate compliance and good corporate governance. The Company wants its employees and volunteers to know they can provide any concerns they have, understand how they can report their concerns, and ensure they feel safe in providing such a report. Maintaining this Policy will assist the Company in meeting its obligations under the ACNC Governance Standards.

The objectives of this policy are to:
* encourage and empower people to report misconduct;
* ensure all disclosures of misconduct are dealt with appropriately and lawfully;
* support and protect anyone involved in making a disclosure of actual or suspected misconduct
from victimisation or retaliation; and
* ensure the identity of those making a disclosure and the content of the disclosure is kept

Life Members

Anne Heuppauff
Alison Stillwell
Barry Le Maistre
Brian White
Carol Brugman
Cecilia Borda
Connie Tremethick
David Jackson
Deb Hepworth
Denise Stringer
Eric Stanhope
Gay Wood
Helen Yon
Janine Warren
Jim Bowman
Joseph Docherty
Kevin Williams
Kirsty Henning
Leonie Pech
Margaret Lange
Margaret Thanissorn
Maurice O'Brien
Neale Washington
Paul Cadd
Peter Deane
Peter Scragg
Phil Lawrence
Rachel Neale
Rick Persse
Robert Slater
Rosemary Nairn
Stephen Measday
Ruth Bone
Sue Asser
Vivienne Dowling
Wayne Sachs
Wendy McDougall