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Concert Availability

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This is when you get the opportunity to select which concert you would like your choir to sing in. You MUST select 4 different preferences and one of them MUST be a weekend concert. Complete this form in as best you can.

Before you start completing the form:

  • Check the school calendar and see what is happening between 14-24 September
  • Pick 4 preferences (one must be a weekend)
  • If you wish to perform with another school – make sure you enter the same 4 preferences as them
  • Know your numbers – allocation, sopranos and altos, students with behaviour or health issues
  • Ask your choir students if they are in orchestra; troupe; a host or Guest Artist

Filling in the form:

  • Have all the information with you
  • Take your time completing the form
  • Check the form before you submit

After completing the form:

  • Put the 4 preferences on the school calendar so that nothing is booked to clash
  • Keep the email receipt as this is a copy of your answers
  • If there are any changes let us know a.s.a.p.

Due date: Friday 3 June (end of week 5)

The Concert Grid with your concert and rehearsal dates will be published in week 9, term 2.


Off-Site rehearsals – MAGIC MILLIONS (part of Morphettville Racecourse) held in Weeks 5 and 6 of term 3.

This is the first rehearsal when the 400 voice massed choir (from a particular concert) will ALL come together with the accompanists, the live orchestra and have Robyn and Cathy conducting the entire program.

All metropolitan schools MUST attend the off site rehearsal that corresponds to their concert.

If you are an HPI we encourage you to attend at least one of these rehearsals as a lot of important information is disseminated.