Information for Schools

Concert Availability

Time to choose your concert

Concert dates at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre (AEC).

All concerts are from 7.00 – 9.00pm

Concert Number

Concert – AEC

Off Site Rehearsal – AEC Theatre


Tuesday 7 September

Tuesday 24 August - morning


Wednesday 8 September

Tuesday 24 August - afternoon


Friday 10 September

Wednesday 25 August - morning


Saturday 11 September

Wednesday 25 August - afternoon

Step One

Before you fill in the CONCERT AVAILABILITY form you need the following information in front of you:

  • Soprano and Alto breakdown – aim for equal numbers of each in your choir (unless you are just 1 part)
  • Your allocation number – this is how many students we can offer your school on stage (Click HERE to find your Schools Allocation)
  • If you have MORE students in your choir than your allocation, and you have lots of year 6/7 students – how many students would you like to get on stage? Our priority in 2021 is to get ALL the year 6/7s who wish to sing on stage)
  • If you have school you would like to perform with make sure you have agreed on the same dates (ie. you fill in the same preferences in the same order)
  • The number of students with health or behaviour issues (answer as best you can and then we will add extra information later if required)
  • School calendar – so you know what is happening in the school when filling the CONCERT AVAILABILTY, avoids clashes with other school events
  • Know your concert selection preferences in order 1 – 4
  • Ask your choir if they are in troupe, orchestra etc. (answer as best you can)


This is the first rehearsal when the 1500 voice massed choir (from a particular concert) will ALL come together with the accompanists, the live orchestra and have Robyn and Cathy conducting the entire program.

All metropolitan schools MUST attend the off site rehearsal that corresponds to their concert.

This rehearsal is held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre – Theatre.

Step Two

Once you have collected all the bits of information in STEP ONE you are ready to complete the CONCERT AVAILABILITY form.

Take your time and recheck everything before you submit!!

Due date: Friday 28 May (end of week 5)