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Orchestra Flyer 2024

Why join a Festival of Music Orchestra

Joining the orchestra gives you the opportunity to:
  • play exciting and challenging repertoire
  • play amongst like-minded students and create lifelong friendships
  • perform on a prestigious stage in Adelaide – the Festival Theatre
  • experience a full season of performances (5 shows across 2 weeks)
  • play within a full orchestra (including rhythm section)
  • further develop your skills and techniques
  • take your musicianship to the next level
  • work with industry professionals
  • learn from highly accomplished conductors
  • perform alongside dancers and singers
  • play your part in a world class production.

Expectations of Orchestra members

Orchestra is open to any Department for Education students in Years 5-10 (school does not need to be participating in the Festival).

Members must attend:

  • Weekly rehearsals from 4:20pm to 6:00pm (one night a week)
  • Full day or half day workshops as required (maximum of 3)
  • 3 full day offsite rehearsals
  • 5 rehearsals and 5 performances at the Festival Theatre

Please note that extra workshops, rehearsals or venue changes may occur to further develop the students learning. These will be advised as early as possible to assist your planning.

Orchestra Venues
PSMF Klemzig - Wednesdays 4:20pm - 6:00pm
Seaview High School - Thursdays 4:20pm - 6:00pm

Orchestra members are expected to:

  • engage positively with the festival team
  • participate in all weekly rehearsals, full day workshops and programmed performances
  • prepare music for performances through weekly practice routines
  • cover the costs of materials including performance uniform
  • provide certain aspects of the performance uniform
  • take music to an instrumental teacher for support and skill development
  • be prepared for each rehearsal with appropriate materials including music, pencil and instrument.

Cost - A materials fee of $80 (incl GST) is charged to cover cost of uniform and music folder, digital download of performances.

Orchestra 2024

Pre Audition Workshops

  • Thursday 2 November - PSMF Klemzig, 28 Hay Street, Klemzig - 4:30-5:30pm
  • Thursday 9 November - Reynella PS, 55-63 Concord Drive, Old Reynella - 4:30-5:30pm

**no bookings required for pre audition workshops

Audition Locations

  • Thursday 16 November - PSMF Klemzig, 28 Hay Street, Klemzig
  • Thursday 23 November - Reynella PS, 55-63 Concord Drive, Old Reynella

Audition time is approximately 10 minutes. No accompaniment is required.

Audition Requirements for all instruments:

1. Excerpts are available for students to download and learn to present at the audition (excerpts available from 20 October).

  • Students will be required to prepare ALL THREE excerpts for the audition.
  • Each excerpt is designed for a particular purpose so please look at all musical concepts and ensure they are played correctly.

2. Students are also asked to present 1 piece of their own choice to demonstrate their ability. Please provide a copy of this music to the audition panel upon arrival – this music will be returned at the end of the audition.

3. Please see below for the ranges required.

NB: Electric Guitar and Electric Bass students need to bring their own lead and instrument. An amplifier will be provided. A standard piano will be provided for keyboard (piano) students.

For Percussionists:

It is expected that percussionists will play the full range of general percussion and drum kit music in the repertoire. A drum kit and all required percussion equipment will be provided.

There are suggested ranges and other information to assist you below.

If you are unsure, please discuss with your Instrumental Music Teacher, your Classroom Music Teacher or email the Orchestra Manager as soon as possible.

Michael McConnochie -

Instrument & Music Information

General comments

Syncopated passages are common in our arrangements

Music is generally aimed at Band Level 2/3

Music includes accidentals and a variety of key signatures

For more information about instruments not listed, please contact the Orchestra Manager

An audition time MUST be booked



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