Information for Schools

East of the Ranges Festival

The SA Primary Schools Music Festival commenced in Adelaide in 1891. It was originally called the Thousand Voice Choir and now stands as an official icon of our state. Our East of the Ranges Choir is part of this amazing organisation.

In 2024 we have 5 schools participating:

  • Burra Community, 
  • Jamestown Community, 
  • Melrose Primary, 
  • Orroroo Area,  
  • Wilmington Primary. 

A big welcome to the schools outside our region, who joined us.

Performance Date

Our 200-voice choir will be performing...

East of the Ranges Choir CONCERT
Wednesday 11 September, from 7 to 9pm

Northern Festival Centre,
Keith Mitchell Theatre, Gertrude Street
Port Pirie

Regional Coordinator: Margie Symonds 
Phone: 0428 818 752