Information for Schools

Choir Cluster Rehearsals

What is a cluster rehearsal?

A cluster rehearsal is a combined rehearsal for students and school choir teachers / HPI choir teachers from neighbouring schools where the Director of Music or Assistant Director of Music, engage the students in the teaching and consolidation of the repertoire.

Cluster Rehearsal Closed

Why Cluster?

  • So your choir students can work with Robyn or Cathy, and begin their ‘relationship’ which develops at future choir visits and assessments, concert rehearsals and performances, solo pre-audition workshops, solo masterclasses, and auditions.
  • To model good choir practice – for the students AND choir teachers.
  • To provide the experience of singing and working with a larger choir, ie the concept of the ‘mass choir’ with a big team of singers!
  • To motivate students and promote the idea that “choir is fun” – to begin the ‘choir effect’ in your school!
  • So you can observe YOUR students and check out their attitude; suitability; potential; and even stand close to see if there is soloist potential!
  • To teach some “tricky bits” to students AND choir teachers (who are still getting to know the repertoire early in the year).
  • To learn specific warm ups / choral techniques / teaching strategies (ongoing observation opportunity / PD).
  • To make connections with local schools in your area, especially between HPI’s and choir teachers AND create opportunities for future collaborations – rehearsals, bus travel, etc.
  • To promote the values of participation, equity and inclusivity for ALL students, choir teachers and support staff.
  • To ensure a consistent approach to teaching the repertoire.

Metropolitan Schools

  • All ‘Adelaide Festival’ metropolitan schools must attend or host a cluster rehearsal during Weeks 3 - 7 of Term 1.
  • The cluster rehearsal is held at a HOST school, and one or more schools will attend, according to their choir rehearsal day & location, meaning students may walk to a nearby host school, or be transported by bus / private cars.
  • Plan for 1 1⁄2 hours to include:
    • Set up of venue - chairs, keyboard / piano, sound system, etc
    • Warmup exercises and rounds, ideally to be done before the conductors arrive
    • One hour with Robyn or Cathy
    • closing activities/choreography/revision of songs
  • Cluster rehearsals are held at the HOST school, from Monday to Friday at:
    • 9:30am – 10:30am, 9:15am arrival & set up
    • 11:30am – 12:30pm, 11:15am arrival & setup,
    • 1:30 – 2:30pm, 1:15pm arrival & setup.
    • Robyn or Cathy will attend for the hour indicated in bold
  • Get in early and have yours in week 3, to kick start your program!!!
  • Once you have commenced rehearsals we introduce new repertoire and add to current knowledge.


  • Cluster rehearsals do not apply to ‘Adelaide Affiliated Festival’ schools that are outside the Goolwa, Murray Bridge and Gawler boundary.
  • Your choir will receive a 2 hour visit at the end of Term 1 and will be a combination of the assessment followed by a rehearsal.
  • We will send you a proposed visit schedule at the beginning of the year.

REMOTE Schools

  • Cluster rehearsals do not apply to ‘Adelaide Affiliated Festival’ remote schools.
  • Your choir will receive a 3 hour visit at the end of Term 1 or early Term 2 and will be a combination of the assessment followed by a rehearsal.
  • This will be organised at Conference 1, and we will send you a proposed visit schedule soon after that.

This combination ensures that we interact with every choir affiliated with the Adelaide Festival.


  • On request, Regional Festivals are entitled to a 3 hour workshop either late Term 1 or early Term 2.
  • Please let Robyn know if you would like a regional workshop and some possible dates for your students by the end of THIS YEAR PLEASE.
  • We will send you a proposed schedule at the beginning of the year.

If you are unsure of where your school fits in this scenario please contact the PSMF office for clarification.