Information for Schools

Combined Choir Rehearsals

A Combined Choir Rehearsal (CCR) is a rehearsal for your choir students PLUS choir students and teachers from neighbouring schools where the Director (Robyn) or Assistant Director of Music (Cathy), engage the students in the teaching and learning of songs from the 2024 repertoire. CCRs are held in Term 1 each year.

What is the purpose of the Combined Choir Rehearsal?

To connect with every choir affiliated with the Adelaide Festival in Term 1 or 2!

  • Your choir students get to work with either Robyn or Cathy and begin a ‘relationship’ which will continue with future choir visits and assessments, solo pre-audition workshops, solo auditions and masterclasses and concert rehearsals and performances.
  • To model good choir practice – for the students AND choir teachers.
  • To provide the experience of singing in a bigger choir, ie the exciting concept of the ‘mass choir’ with a large team of singers, this is really important for the new Year 5s and Year 6s!
  • To motivate students and promote the idea that “choir is fun”.
  • To teach some Hot Spots or “tricky bits” to students AND choir teachers (who are still getting to know the repertoire early in the year).
  • YOU can observe YOUR students, checking out their attitude, suitability, and potential. You might even stand close enough to listen to voices to see if there is soloist potential amongst new kids!
  • YOU can learn warmups and observe specific choral pedagogy and strategies (ongoing observation opportunity / PD).
  • YOU can make connections with local schools in your area, and create opportunities for future collaborations with neighbouring choirs – rehearsals, bus travel, etc.
  • To promote the values of participation, equity and inclusivity for ALL students, choir teachers and support staff.
  • To promote a consistent approach to teaching the repertoire.


  • It is mandatory for all ‘Adelaide Festival’ metropolitan schools to attend or host one CCR during Weeks 3 - 8 of Term 1.
  • The CCR is held at a HOST school, where other schools might also attend, according to their choir rehearsal day and location, meaning students may walk to a nearby host school, or be transported by bus or private cars.
  • Think smart in 2024 and ‘get to a school that is close to you!!’
  • We encourage you to consider attending a CCR on a different day to your usual choir rehearsal when a HOST school is close. It saves you the cost of a bus!
  • Plan your CCR for about 2 hours.
  • CCR are held at the HOST school, from Monday to Friday.
  • Consider ‘Combined Choiring’ early in the term - have your rehearsal in week 3, to kick start your program!!!
  • Or if you have commenced choir rehearsals already then, we can introduce new repertoire and build on existing knowledge.