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Offsite Rehearsal (Magic Millions)

Offsite Rehearsal (Magic Millions)

This is the first time choirs, hosts, soloists, troupe, choreography leaders and the orchestra get the opportunity to work together. We all get to see and hear each other before we get to the Festival Theatre.

Production Information for Rehearsals at Magic Millions (MM), 1 Park Tce, Plympton Park

Teacher/Student preparation:

  • Talk to students about length of rehearsal
  • Small sips of water
  • Hand up for toilet at the end of a song
  • No toilet visits in the break 

What Teacher in Charge brings:

  • Group media form (all students must have permission)
  • 2 copies of Offsite Medical/Additional needs for (1 for us 1 you you)
  • Choir roll with contact emergency info for all students
  • Alto/Soprano labels
  • Student medication (you keep and monitor)
  • First aid kit/bag
  • Students toileted before arrival

Teacher/Adult duties:

  • 1 person to attend the teacher meeting once rehearsal starts
  • Be actively involved with the behaviour management and care of all students at all times
  • All students at any rehearsal or performance must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult from that child’s school. 
  • Accompany students to and from the toilet
  • Please do not leave the venue during your rehearsal or concert.

What students bring/wear:

  • School Uniform
  • Water
  • Snack and/or lunch (depending on your rehearsal time)
  • Energy and enthusiasm

Soloists at Offsite:

  • Come with choir if singing on choir night
  • Come to specific concert rehearsal (if different) – liaise with parents
  • Bring medical form

Day before checks:

  • Bus/transport booking
  • Student consent/health/media
  • All forms/labels are ready

On the day checks:

  • Labels/forms
  • Line us as Sops and Altos when you arrive 
  • Row 1 in height order (Sops/Altos)
  • Quick snack/toilet if time as soon as you arrive
  • Wait outside until invited inside by Production Team

Inside the venue:

  • Silence is expected when the Concert Manager’s (CM) hand is raised.
  • Students stay in their seats.
  • Students raise their hand (not during a song) if they need to go to the toilet and an adult will accompany them.
  • 1 teacher from each school will be expected to attend the ‘Choir/Support Teacher Talk’ meeting in the office area.
  • Students will have a short food break about halfway through.

Students with additional needs:

  • Every effort will be taken to ensure that all students have the opportunity to perform. 
  • Help us make this happen by informing and negotiating requirements with your CM well before the performance.
  • Students needing a 1:1 carer must have their carer attend offsite rehearsal. 
  • Please monitor how individual students handle this rehearsal as it might indicate how they will react and cope at the Festival Theatre.
    • Make decisions accordingly. 
  • If your student could not manage on their own in the event of an evacuation, they will need to have a personal carer.
  • Students in a wheelchair come in with their choir. 
    • They will be placed close to the front. 
    • A carer/buddy needs to be with them at all times.
    • Know the location of the disabled toilets.


  • You can bring up to 4 reserves to this rehearsal. 
  • This rehearsal is not for Yr. 4 students.

Security passes

  • Choir/Support teachers are issued with security passes for the Festival Theatre at the MM rehearsal. 
    • These are in the envelope given out at the ‘Choir/Support Teacher Talk’.

First Aid:

  • Teachers are required to deal with any First Aid needs and give any assistance that is needed.
  • Asthma sufferers must always carry their puffer with them.

Behaviour at MM

  • It is expected that choirs will always demonstrate performance behaviour.
  • Our Behaviour Management document is on our website 
  • Be careful when making your final selection of students to perform. Select students, who are steady, can follow the conductor, know their words and parts. Students need good listening and concentrating skills.


  • Students experiencing difficulties should advise the CM or another adult/ teacher who can pass their concern on to the Concert Manager 
  • The consequences of harassment will be appropriate to the harassment that has taken place and will reflect the Department’s behaviour management and harassment policies.

Emergency Evacuation

  • Use common sense
  • The Concert Manager will manage the evacuation at the offsite rehearsal.

Offsite Forms:

  • Group Media
  • Medical and Additional needs

The photo below gives you an idea what the venue, Magic Millions, looks like.


Continue planning and preparing for the Festival Theatre

Keep for updates. Have you joined our PSMF Family Facebook group?  It’s a great place to communicate with other Choir/Support teachers. 

Excursion Templates

Schools are to complete their own details as they apply.

  • 2024 Risk management
  • ED 169 Application to conduct a camp or excursion - off site rehearsal
  • ED 170 Consent form for camp, excursion, sporting event or adventure activity - Off site rehearsal
  • ED 169 Application to conduct a camp or excursion - Concert Day/Performance
  • ED 170 Consent form for camp, excursion, sporting event or adventure activity - Concert Day/Performance

How to order Festival T-Shirts

Choir T-Shirt Orders have gone online!

  1. Step 1 - collect school student/adult size and colour information (and payment).
  2. Step 2 - visit - then click on the Festival of Music logo to take you to the orders page (orders live from 12 February).
  3. Step 3 - t-shirts will be delivered to the school.

Note: A $10 delivery fee will be charged on all orders.

Schools MUST place a school order before the cut off dates as per below.

Available sizes and colours attached.


First Order - Place orders NO LATER than Friday 08/03/24 (T1 WK6) for delivery in week ending Friday 05/04/24 (T1 WK10)

Second Order - Place orders NO LATER than Friday 17/05/24 (T2 WK3) for delivery in week ending Friday 21/06/24 (T2 WK8)

Third (final) Order - Place orders NO LATER than Friday 05/07/24 (T2 WK10) for delivery in week ending Friday 23/08/24 (T3 WK5)


T-Shirt Order Portal 


Choir Student List for Concert Program

We have started working on the concert program. Each school needs to submit their choir list. Please do so a.s.a.p.

Once completed please save it under your school name and email it to

Concert Day Uniform

T Shirt Info

  • A plain, brightly coloured, short sleeved, round necked t-shirt
  • T shirts are worn untucked
  • NO stripes / patterns / prints / black / white / pale colours / fluoro

Bottom Half Info

  • Long black/dark pants (leggings ok)
  • Black/dark socks
  • Black/dark shoes (with closed in toes)

Other Info

  • Long hair must be tied back and off the face (no high buns please) - cameras need to catch your face
  • No make-up, nail polish or jewellery (plain studs/sleepers only) please - too much sparkle for the cameras
  • School jumper/jacket can be brought as it may be cold once the concert has finished.