Information for Schools



Hi everyone,

We’re now counting the sleeps to our return to the Festival Theatre (FT)!

Keep checking your email regularly – we will let you know of any updates/changes.

Please send your questions to:

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Have you given us the following?
  • Group Media form – follow up students without permission
  • 2 Emergency contacts plus phone contact for leadership
  • Health info (if we need to be aware of before the day)

Rows 1, 2 &12:

If you have students in these rows, please see the information that was included in your envelope given at offsite rehearsal and is also in the production section of the website.

Helpers still needed!

Our concerts require lots of helpers. If you’re available please email

Any staff member from your school can do this and PD hours are given. It’s a fun experience where they get a chance to see ‘behind the scenes’.


No school bags. Please bring snacks/food in small bags. Each school must have a first aid kit/bag.

Entrance to the Banquet Room (BR)

  • Rows 1-6 through the northern door just up the path from King William St
  • Rows 7-12 through the King William Rd entrance

Please plan to arrive early. On arrival have students go to the toilet and be ready for photos.

Arrival times:

  • C#1 - 12:30pm
  • C#4 - 8:30am
  • C#5 - 8:30am
  • All others - 1:00pm

Remind students that if they come off the stage for any reason (rehearsal/performance), it may take a little while to get back on stage!

Schools will have a rostered side stage duty during the rehearsal. Your time and duty are written on your program which will be given to you as you arrive. The
roster will also be on the website and sent out in an update.

Once students are on stage, Teachers in Charge (unless on duty) will need to meet at the John Bishop (JB) Door ready for our ‘Cook’s Tour’. Helpers may go into the auditorium (Door 1) to watch the rehearsal.

Dinner break:
After the rehearsal the ordered food packs will be available. Staff/helpers are to collect their schools’ orders and supervise eating. We encourage you to take your students outside to eat. Anyone organising another food company order must eat outside. Food brought from home is fine to eat onsite.

Everyone needs to be back in the Banquet Room by 5:45pm / 1:15pm

Please remember we are guests of the Festival Theatre. Help make this day a positive experience by:

  • being respectful of ALL areas AT ALL TIMES – Banquet Room, toilets, foyers, eating etc.
  • crushing boxes for recycling. Unopened/eaten Vilis food will be collected for redistribution to the homeless
  • going outside to get some fresh air, please do not allow students to run around
  • having ALL adults actively assisting with the needs and behaviours of ALL students
  • being punctual

Wheelchair/Mobility info – students in wheelchairs (or unable to walk up/down many stairs) with their carers, will enter the stage via the lift (just past the JB door). Wheelchair/access document on website.

Concert time!

  • 5:30pm/ 1pm (C#4) - TEACHERS Please take soloists and Choreography Leaders to the JB door
  • 5:45pm / 1:15pm - ALL choirs must be ready in the Banquet Room
  • Serviettes are handed out
  • 6:00pm
    • Stewards helping side stage will be introduced
    • Medical steward will collect any medication
    • Concert Manager chat with choir
    • Robyn/Cathy will come in for a warmup and reminders
  • 6:40pm – ALL choirs move to stage


  • Stewards will lead choir back to BR (students collect their belongings)
  • Teachers will make their way to the BR
  • CM chat with choir
  • Robyn/Cathy come in for congratulations
  • Choirs will be dismissed row by row (Choirs catching a bus will be dismissed first – let us know


  • Group media form – please return a.s.a.p.
  • Soprano / Alto labels including seat number. All students must be labelled for the rehearsal (after photo)
  • Student labels - includes row number and position number
  • Choir Row profile for height order
    • Tallest soprano is No. 1 – shortest soprano No. 16
    • Shortest alto is no. 17 – tallest alto is no. 32
  • FT Additional Needs/Medical forms
Volunteers needed!

Every night during the concert series we require at least 10 volunteers to help with our students on and off stage.

If you choose to volunteer on your choir's night, please be aware that you will not be able to 'watch' as you will have specific tasks to do.

It's an online form please click on the link.

Concert, Rehearsal, Solo, Choreography Leaders Grids

Performance Uniform - Choir T-Shirts