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Stars on Stage

Stars on Stage - School Submitted Multimedia


In 2024 we are asking you to take a short video of your choir.  Please follow the instructions below.

Framing & Composition of Video Content

Please use the following as a guide to create your content for the Stars on Stage:

  • Please film in landscape on your device
  • Please keep action to within the safe area (non shaded) as shown in the image above –
    • The Green Shaded area may be cropped in production playback
  • Students should wear their school uniform/ dress code
  • We will not be using the audio from the video
  • Please gather students as you would for a group photo and film students waving at the camera
  • Please film as a HD - H.264 video file (this is the standard format in most HD Cameras and Phones)
  • Students can move, camera cannot. The camera must stay still due to technical issues and panning too fast makes viewers feel sick
  • Please make the length of the Video longer than 10 seconds.  Students in frame the entire 10 plus seconds.
  • Please name the File using the following format:

PSMF2024_SOS_(school name)


Stars on Stage

School Submitted Multimedia

DUE DATE: Friday 5 July (end of term).

Check out the do's and dont's for Stars on Stage

If you have taken the Choir footage on your phone use the QR code below to upload it to the form.

Qr code