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Celebrate your school's talent by adding pictures of your students participating or rehearsing in the Festival of Music. eg you may have had a soloist, choreography leader, host etc

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We are a Festival of Music school

XXXX participates in the Festival of Music each year. Students from our school have been involved in many ways.  Along with our school choir performing in the Festival of Music concert series, we have also had XXXXX students in the orchestra, in the performance troupe and as hosts. (edit as necessary)

The Primary Schools Music Festival presents the Festival of Music in South Australia annually and is recognised as a state heritage icon. This choral program has a longstanding tradition that has impacted generations of public school students across South Australia. 

It is a highly valued part of the school curriculum here at XXXX.  Students and families look forward to taking part every year. It stands at the forefront of arts education in South Australia.

The Festival of Music resonates with XXXX commitment to promote the importance of music and the arts in education along with engaging our school community. It plays a vital role in nurturing young talent, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity, and  preserving and building South Australia's musical landscape and history.

The positive benefits of maintaining a culture of choir and singing at XXXX unequivocally fosters the magic of social connection, belonging and teamwork, strengthens body posture, develops lung function, and helps blood pressure (wellbeing), improves literacy skills (excellence and equity, effective learners), along with many more benefits that enable students to thrive and prosper!

The Festival of Music provides our school with a program that connects each of us with our shared humanity.

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