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Songbook Cover Competition

2020 Songbook

Congratulations to Kesia from Walkerville Primary.

Each year we hold the Songbook Cover Competition. Students from public primary schools can design a cover for the Songbook or enter an illustration to go inside the Songbook. In 2019 you will be designing for the 2020 Songbook.

An amazing opportunity to have your art work to be seen by thousands in South Australia. Your art work will be on Songbook covers, CDs, DVDs, Concert Programs, Certificates and all our promotional materials for the year.

The artwork needs to be entirely original - no copying or tracing. It is illegal to use or copy other peoples' ideas or images from printed material or online.

Previous Years Covers

Commissioned Work 2020

The 2020 Commissioned Work “The Space Between Us”, by Dan Walker, will explore the idea of space and distance, and how it affects us globally and personally.

So the theme is Space - not just the Solar System and planets… not just blasting into space and travelling by rocket, but we investigate some ‘deeper’ ideas – for all of the science nerds out there – there are so many questions to ask…

Dan has composed 4 new songs:

  1. When Galaxies Collide - The Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies are being pulled towards each other at a dizzying speed. Will we find other intelligent life in a distant corner or space in our quest to find a new home.
  2. Stargazers – a celebration of the Astronomical Society of South Australia which was formed in 1891.
  3. Echoes of Home - a song reflecting the emotional upheaval of relocation either as a migrant or refugee, and the constant desire for a sense of place.
  4. A River in the Sky World - a song about the Kaurna Night Sky.

Choral Repertoire 2020