Information for Auditions


What do Hosts do?

Hosts rehearse and film "grabs" to help choirs and the Festival family know what's happening during the year. Hosts present 2 concerts in September at the Festival Theatre. They are on stage for a lot of the show, leading and entertaining the audiences they introduce items and guest artists. Hosts work with a co-host and an adult mentor. They learn stagecraft and hone their speaking skills, building the confidence to feel comfortable hosting shows in front of a large audience.

Book a Host Audition (FULLY BOOKED)
Host Auditions
  • Thursday 25 February from 4:00-5:30pm at the PSMF Office, 28 Hay St, Klemzig (FULLY BOOKED) or
  • Friday 26 February from 4:00-5:30pm at Fulham North Primary School, Cheadle Street, Henley Beach (FULLY BOOKED).
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What happens at the audition?

  • Memorize a very short introduction telling us about yourself.
  • Be creative! Show us what you are capable of.
  • Learn a script that will be sent to you before the audition. You do not have to memorize it but you do need to know it well so you can show us your best work. Try to practice with someone.

Checklist for nomination

  1. Any Teacher, Choir, Classroom or Leadership nominates Hosts (nominations may include students outside the teacher’s class or choir). Schools can nominate more than one Host ensuring that they nominate only high-quality candidates
  2. Nominating Teacher prints form (below)
  3. Nominating Teacher completes table on form
  4. Nominating Teacher distributes form to nominated students
  5. Parents/Caregiver to complete family details
  6. Parents/Caregiver to complete online audition booking form
  7. Student to bring the form with a photo attached at the top left corner to the audition.
Hosts will be visible to the audience for the whole concert. Presenting in a manner that supports the feel and look of the performance.
  • Students do not need to be choir members to be Hosts.
  • Students do not need to be from a school which has a choir.
  • If Hosts are choir members, they will sing in the choir with their school and Host on another night.
  • Students who are in Troupe or Orchestra cannot be Hosts.

Host Criteria

A Host must be able to attend all workshops/rehearsals and their performance/s.
Thursdays once a fortnight from 4:15pm to 6:00pm at the Festival of Music office at Klemzig Primary School (Country students, we will organise video conferencing) commencing in week 9 of Term One.
Weekend workshops and filming sessions on some weekends, dates and times TBA.
Hosting two concerts at the Adelaide concert series.

Other qualities we look for in a Host

  • Committed
  • In Year 6 or 7
  • Confident, self-disciplined and good at working in a team
  • Animated, flexible, expressive and energetic
  • Reliable