Information for Auditions


What do Hosts do?

Hosts rehearse and film "grabs" to help choirs and the Festival family know what's happening during the year. Hosts present 2 concerts in September at the Festival Theatre. They are front and centre for much of the show. They have expressive personalities and clear speaking voices. They entertain the audience, introducing songs and guest artists.

Hosts work in a team of 12 and with a co-host and an adult mentor as well as with the script writing team. They learn stagecraft and hone their speaking skills, building the confidence to feel comfortable hosting to a large audience.

Hosts will be visible to the audience for most of the concert, presenting in a manner that supports the feel and look of the performance.

  • Students do not need to be choir members to be Hosts.
  • Students do not need to be from a school which has a choir.
  • If Hosts are choir members, we will try our best to have them sing in the choir with their school and Host on other nights.
  • Students who are in Troupe, Orchestra or the SAPPS Choir cannot be Hosts.
  • Script Writers may audition to be a Host and fill both roles.

Host Expectations

A Host must be able to attend all workshops/rehearsals and their performance/s.
Thursdays once a fortnight from 4:15pm to 6:00pm at the Festival of Music office, 28 Hay Street, Klemzig (Country students, we can organise video conferencing) commencing in Week 8 or 9 of Term One.
Weekend workshops and filming sessions on some weekends, dates and times TBA.
Hosting two concerts at the Adelaide concert series mid September.

Qualities we look for in a Host

  • Committed
  • In Year 6
  • Confident, self-disciplined and good at working in a team
  • Animated, flexible, expressive and energetic
  • Reliable