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Combined Choir Rehearsal Host

Combined Choir Rehearsal Host schools

To be a Combined Choir Rehearsal Host School

  • You will need a rehearsal space with enough chairs to seat a maximum of 100 students, including your own choir.

    Session 1 - from 9.30am to 11.00am or
    Session 2 - from 12.30pm to 2.00pm
  • You will need an accompanist. If you do not have an accompanist at your school, please contact the PSMF.

    Before you book; check school calendar to avoid clashes eg Pupil free day, Sports day.
    The Naplan test window is 13 - 25 March, 2024.Week 7 CCRs will be limited due to Monday - Public Holiday and PSMF Staff commitments.
    Form closes 24 November, 2023
Register to be a CCR Host

All ‘Adelaide Festival’ metropolitan schools must attend or host one Combined Choir Rehearsal in Weeks 3 - 8 of Term 1.

A Combined Choir Rehearsal (CCR) is for choir students and choir teachers where the Director (Robyn) or Assistant Director of Music (Cathy) introduce and teach songs from the 2024 Festival of Music repertoire.

What is the purpose of a Combined Choir rehearsal?

  • Your choir students will get to work with either Robyn or Cathy, and begin a ‘relationship’ which will develop through future school choir visits, assessments, solo pre-audition workshops, solo auditions and masterclasses, concert rehearsals and performances.
  • To model best choir practice – for the students AND Choir Teachers – to learn specific warm ups / choral techniques / teaching strategies (ongoing observation opportunity / PD).
  • To provide the experience of singing in a bigger choir, ie the concept of the ‘mass choir’ or a large team of singers!
  • To motivate students and promote the idea that “choir is fun”.
  • To teach “Hot Spots” or tricky bits to students, which will also assist Choir Teachers who may not be as familiar with the repertoire early in the year.
  • So YOU can observe YOUR students during the choir rehearsal for suitability, potential, focus, etc.
  • So YOU can make connections with local schools, to network with other Choir Teachers AND to create opportunities for future collaborations or bus sharing for rehearsals.
  • To promote a consistent approach to teaching the repertoire.
  • To promote the values of participation, equity and inclusivity for ALL students, Choir Teachers and Support Staff.