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Choreography Leaders

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Choreography Leaders

Choreography Leaders support the conductor in front of the massed choir for songs that include choreography and Auslan Signing. These students need to be confident, precise and reliable.

Choreography Leaders – Nomination and Audition process

Choir Teachers please nominate 2 students per school – 1 soprano and 1 alto to be the choreography leaders. Ideally, we would like to see a pair of students from the one school, but if you only have really one strong leader then we might be able to match them up with someone from another school.

The students must know the TEACHER VERSION of the movement as they stand in front of the choir and lead them for these songs:

  • ‘Can You Feel It’
  • ‘Wau Bulan’
  • ‘Who Knows’ – Auslan signing
  • ‘Advance Australia Fair’ – Auslan signing.

We are looking for students:

  • with precise, strong and artistic movements
  • that can confidently sing with expression and model a great singing face to match the feel of the song.