Information for Auditions

Choreography Leaders

Another Performance Opportunity

Choreography Leaders - Coming Soon!

Choir teachers nominate students from your choir. Nominate two students from your choir - one soprano and one alto.

Learn Choreography

Choreography Leaders stand at the front of the stage facing the choir for a piece of music that includes choreography and Auslan signing, mirroring movements for students on the stage to copy.

Students who are successful in the audition process will be a Choreography Leader for their school's concert.

Audition Process

Choir Teachers nominate 2 students per school - 1 soprano and 1 alto to be Choreography Leaders. Each concert requires a pair of students from the same school.

The nominated students must know the TEACHER VERSION (opposite to the choir version).

  1. Advance Australia Fair – with NEW Auslan signing in the last 2 lines of both verses.

Encourage students to use the vision in the learning portal.