2024 Affiliation Terms and Conditions

School Responsibilities

  1. Initiate Affiliation (becomes active upon payment and receipt of forms).
  2. Ensure the school choir students are available to attend (or host):
    1. a combined choir rehearsal
    2. an assessment visit
    3. choral conductor visits
    4. an off-site rehearsal or workshop (country schools negotiate attendance to offsite rehearsals)
    5. performances
  3. Provide appropriate rehearsal facilities and teaching equipment (music stand, tuned piano/keyboard with seating, speakers and internet/app access).
  4. Consider budgeting for extra HPI payments (when the allocated hours run out) and TRT days for Choir Teacher/Support.
  5. Provide transport, where required, to all off-site rehearsals and performances.
  6. Provide information, permissions and data collections as required.
  7. Ensure the Choir Teacher attends PSMF Conference 1 and 2. Consider Choir Support attendance for both conferences.
  8. If an HPI Choir Teacher has been appointed, the school must nominate a registered teacher who will be the Choir Support/contact person and who must be present at all rehearsals. This person is responsible for ALL choir matters beyond the teaching of the choir, including: behaviour management, ordering Student Learning Materials, student attendance at all rehearsals and performances, promoting and supporting additional student opportunities, notices and communication within the school community.(Click for Role Statements)
  9. The school must follow the Concert Availability process.
  10. Promote student performance opportunities, e.g. Troupe, Orchestra, The SAPPS Choir, Choreography Leaders, Soloists, Hosts, Guest Artists and other specialised groups.
  11. Volunteer at an Adelaide PSMF concert other than your own during the concert season.
  12. Ensure that any staff who work with students have all current certifications and observe WHS and protective practices.

Music Society Responsibilities

  1. Provide advice and support in the establishment and management of choirs and their presentation for the concert series.
  2. Provide HPI/s if requested and paid for.
  3. Develop and provide Student Learning Materials and resources in line with the Australian Curriculum.
  4. Provide regular updates.
  5. Provide professional development and student performance opportunities.
  6. The Music Society reserves the right to determine participation based on behaviour, word knowledge, enthusiasm, musicality and presentation.