Information for The Songs

Commissioned Work: State Of The Arts - The Artist

This year’s commissioned work is The Arts in SA and has been composed by Robyn Habel and Adam Page.

In these songs we celebrate how we are ALL involved in the arts in some way – as the artist, or the audience and how through sharing and engaging with the arts we can ALL take part. These are light-hearted and fun songs, each one with a different vibe, offering a variety of singing and vocal opportunities.

How ‘dull, colourless and boring’ life would be without The Arts!

YOU are our Artists of the future!

3. The Artist’ the third song is about the person who CREATES the art – the painter, the composer, the sculptor, the choreographer, the writer, the dancer, the fashion designer, the …
To be imaginative, curious, intuitive, innovative, original, visionary, ingenious, to bring something new into being as a work or art or invention.
To be ‘in the zone’ and have the time and space to be an artist!!
The song is to be sung with the vibe of Billy Eilish - thoughtful and modern.

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