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Commissioned Work: State Of The Arts - It's All Art

This year’s commissioned work is The Arts in SA and has been composed by Robyn Habel and Adam Page.
In these songs we celebrate how we are ALL involved in the arts in some way – as the artist, or the audience and how through sharing and engaging with the arts we can ALL take part. These are light-hearted and fun songs, each one with a different vibe, offering a variety of singing and vocal opportunities.
How ‘dull, colourless and boring’ life would be without The Arts!

YOU are our Artists of the future!

It’s All Art 

Words and Music by R. Habel and A. Page. 
Piano arrangement by R. Ennis. Orchestral arrangement by A. Page. 

This song aims to answer the question posed in the first line of the song What is Art?
It explains to us that art may be famous paintings, movies and music, but it is also things we create and see every day, including your performance in this year’s Festival of Music!
It mentions that ‘the muse’ speaks to all of us, which is another way of saying that things can inspire us to be creative at any time. In the bridge section of the song, it talks about Art as if it is a supernatural being that takes many forms and lasts forever!

ALL of us DO ART! It is a form of self-expression.
The verses are energetic and informative, the chorus legato and melodic, the bridge is strong and rhythmic – can you sing each section of the song to tell the story about Art? 

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