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Impossible is Possible

Impossible is Possible

Words and Music by W. Baptiste, A. Bissell and K. Sylvester. 
Arranged by M. Puddy.

This song was composed by Black Violin - an American hip hop duo from Florida comprising two classically trained string instrumentalists, Kev Sylvester (violin) and Wil Baptiste (viola).
They have combined their talent on string instruments and used hip-hop influences, to create a distinctive multi-genre sound that could be described as ‘classical boom’.
The official video for this uplifting song was released in 2020. It features a young boy living on a farm in Africa, who discovers that he loves running. He is inspired by those who love him the most and with their support and encouragement he follows his passion and ultimately ‘wins the race’ that no one thought was possible. 

The young boy is EVERY ONE OF US … we can all dream big, have hope and achieve great things!!
Think about the lyrics – What do they mean? Sing them with self-belief and passion! You can do anything; you can be anyone; you can go anywhere!

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