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Commissioned Work: State Of The Arts - The Festival State

This year’s commissioned work is The Arts in SA and has been composed by Robyn Habel and Adam Page.

In these songs we celebrate how we are ALL involved in the arts in some way – as the artist, or the audience and how through sharing and engaging with the arts we can ALL take part. These are light-hearted and fun songs, each one with a different vibe, offering a variety of singing and vocal opportunities.

How ‘dull, colourless and boring’ life would be without The Arts!

YOU are our Artists of the future!

The Festival State

Words and Music by R. Habel and A. Page. 
Piano arrangement by R. Ennis. Orchestral arrangement by A. Page.

As a proudly multi-cultural state, our year is jam packed full of festivals celebrating art and culture from around the world. This song highlights the greatness of these experiences and takes us on an emotional journey, explaining the many types of festivals our great state hosts.

Back in the 1980s, the state government even had it printed on car number plates to celebrate this. 
The Adelaide Festival of Arts, also known as the Adelaide Festival, takes place in March every year. It is a major celebration of the arts and a significant cultural event in Australia.
The Fringe Festival in Adelaide is Australia’s biggest arts event, and the second biggest fringe festival in the world, the biggest being the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland.
This Adelaide Fringe Festival has also been running for just over 60 years and is an offshoot of the more formal Adelaide Festival of Arts. 
For 31 days and nights, beginning in February, artists and performers take to stages all over Adelaide, in over 1,000 shows and events, ranging from cabaret, theatre, comedy, circus, music and visual arts. 

Enjoy the funky section in The Festival State where a soloist performs a cool beatbox riff, while the choir introduces us to many of the festivals and artistic events that we host here in South Australia.

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