2024 Hourly Paid Instructor Terms and Conditions

  1. Schools may request an Hourly Paid Instructor (HPI) Choir Teacher and/or Accompanist on paying the processing fee of $230.00 (+GST).
  2. All HPIs assigned by the Primary Schools Music Festival (PSMF) will have current WWCC Child-related Employment Screening or DHS Working with Children Check and Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect.
  3. The HPI Choir Teacher allocation is 17 hours and the HPI Accompanist allocation is 15 hours with a limit of one Department paid HPI per school.
    1. Where a school has been appointed an HPI Choir Teacher OR an HPI Accompanist, payment for their weekly rehearsals will be made by the Department.
    2. Where a school has been appointed both a Choir Teacher and an Accompanist, the Department will only pay for the Accompanist and the Choir Teacher will invoice the school directly for payment.
  4. Additional HPI hours (if required) need to be budgeted at the school level to be accessed once the allocated hours are exhausted, after which HPIs will invoice the school directly. SA School and Pre School Education Staff Enterprise Agreement (see page 49)
  5. HPI Choir Teachers are required to attend PSMF Conference 1 ands 2 and HPI Accompanists are required to attend Conference 1. If requested, a fee for attendance must be negotiated between the Principal and the HPI prior to Conferences 1 and 2.
  6. If an HPI Choir Teacher has been appointed, the school must nominate a registered teacher who will be the Choir Support/contact person and who must be present at all rehearsals. This person is responsible for ALL choir matters beyond the teaching of the choir, including: behaviour management, ordering materials, attendance at all rehearsals and performances, promoting and supporting additional student opportunities, notices and communication within the school community.
  7. Relevant Role Statements can be found at: https://festivalofmusic.org.au...
  8. All HPI Accompanists are supplied with a set of accompaniments for the 2024 Repertoire.
  9. It is important that well maintained equipment, ie, music stand, keyboard/tuned piano, audio equipment, blue tooth speakers and seating be provided for HPI Choir Teachers and Accompanists to run their Choir Rehearsals.
  10. Principals and Choir Teachers/Support should meet with their HPI and establish the conditions for a successful, supportive relationship and induct them to the school site.